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About our bar and cocktail drinking guide

Welcome to the Definitive Drinking Guide, your ultimate online destination for exploring extraordinary cocktails and the spirits that bring them to life. Our team comprises people from the USA, the UK, and Vietnam, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to cocktails. 

Eric Van Buskirk, Publisher, is from the USA. He spent most of the past eight years living in Saigon, Vietnam, immersing himself in the cocktail culture of both countries. Van Anh Thi Tran is a highly acclaimed journalist and the site’s editor.

Vietnam has emerged as a renowned hub for modern cocktail bars, where talented mixologists push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship. The scene here informs some of our writing, but our audience is global.

At The Definitive Drinking Guide, we aim to unlock the secrets of the industry’s top brands, allowing you to delve into their distinct production methods, awards, and accolades that highlight their exceptional quality. We want to be your trusted companion as you navigate the landscape of spirits and cocktails, guiding you through the history, production, varieties, flavors, and regions of your favorite libations while also introducing you to new ones that will expand your palate.

Indulge in the symphony of flavors as we explore the world of whiskey. Experience the spirited dance of agave flavors that ignite the palate on our journey into tequila. We aim to transport you to the heart of these captivating spirits.

We pride ourselves on offering practical advice that may not always be sexy but is incredibly useful. From articles exploring the role of different alcohols in margaritas to the importance of choosing the proper orange liqueur, our focus is on providing actionable information that enhances your cocktail-making skills. The foundation of mixology lies in understanding the fundamental ingredients and techniques, and we strive to empower you with the knowledge that translates into better drinks.

Look beyond the trendy and flashy. Our articles delve into liquor teas and barrel-aged old-fashioned cocktails, offering insights into unique and lesser-known aspects of mixology. We understand that true expertise lies in the details, so we explore the nuances of selecting the best mint for a refreshing mojito and delve into the flavors of different gins for the perfect Long Island iced tea. 

While others may focus on superficial aspects, we address the questions that matter. What do margaritas taste like? What makes a house margarita unique? What color is a margarita? Our commitment to offering practical advice means that no matter how basic your question, we have you covered with informative content that enhances your cocktail experience.

Cheers to a world of flavor and discovery!

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