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Gareth Evans, the World-Class Bartender Who Can Make Drinks Anywhere

Gareth Evans is not your average bartender. He’s a world-class mixologist who can whip up a cocktail in any situation, showcasing his exceptional talent and creativity. From high-altitude flights to luxurious hotel rooms and even Michelin-starred restaurants, Gareth’s bartending skills transcend conventional boundaries.

Executive Bar Manager at Social Eating House

At Social Eating House, one of London’s most sought-after dining destinations, Gareth serves as the executive bar manager. His role involves overseeing a team of highly skilled bartenders and crafting innovative drinks that flawlessly complement the culinary creations of renowned chef Jason Atherton.

From Lawyer to Bartender Extraordinaire

Gareth’s journey to becoming a world-class bartender took an unconventional turn. Initially, he pursued a career in law, but the monotonous office life failed to ignite his passion. Determined to follow his heart, Gareth made the courageous decision to enter the world of hospitality. Relocating to London, he began his ascent from a barback position to a bartender at several prestigious venues, including the award-winning Pollen Street Social.

Champion Mixologist and Diageo World Class Winner

In 2013, Gareth’s exceptional skills and boundless creativity earned him the coveted title of Diageo World Class UK Bartender of the Year. Outshining numerous contestants, he showcased his expertise in front of esteemed judges. This triumph led him to represent the UK at the global finals held in France, where he went head-to-head against 43 other world-class bartenders.

Thriving Under Pressure: The Ultimate Nightcap

During the intense competition, Gareth faced one of his most memorable challenges: creating a cocktail on a transatlantic British Airways flight. Despite unexpected obstacles, including confiscated ingredients and damaged equipment, Gareth triumphed, crafting a remarkable drink called the Ultimate Nightcap. This exquisite creation featured Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve whisky, chamomile tea, honey, lemon juice, and bitters, leaving a lasting impression on both judges and passengers.

A Blend of Flavors, Techniques, and Surprise

For Gareth, crafting cocktails extends beyond mixing ingredients; it’s an opportunity to bring joy and laughter to those who savor his creations. With a penchant for experimentation, he fearlessly explores various flavors, techniques, and presentation styles. Often adding a touch of humor or surprise, Gareth’s signature cocktails captivate guests. One example is the Cereal Killer, a delightful concoction in a mini milk bottle adorned with a cereal box label and a straw. This whimsical drink blends Ketel One vodka, Frangelico liqueur, almond milk, honey nut Cheerios, and chocolate bitters.

A Passion for Sharing and Teaching

Gareth’s enthusiasm for mixology extends beyond his own creations. He wholeheartedly enjoys imparting his knowledge and skills to others. Through masterclasses and workshops tailored for both professionals and amateurs, Gareth guides attendees on making cocktails at home and elevating their bartending prowess. Additionally, he travels the globe as a global brand ambassador for Absolut Elyx vodka, championing the brand’s commitment to quality, integrity, and sustainability.

Drawing Inspiration from Diverse Sources

Ever the eternal learner, Gareth draws inspiration from various sources, including art, music, literature, and history. He understands that bartending is not merely a job but a captivating art form that demands dedication, curiosity, and imagination. Gareth passionately states, “I love what I do, and I’m incredibly fortunate to pursue my passion every single day.”

Some Fun Facts About Gareth Evans

  • Royal Encounter: Gareth once served cocktails to Prince Harry at a charity event in London, adding a royal touch to his bartending career.
  • Quirky Collection: Behind the bar, Gareth utilizes a collection of over 300 glow-in-the-dark rubber ducks as unique props, showcasing his playful spirit.
  • Crafting from Scratch: Gareth takes pride in creating his own syrups, infusions, and bitters using fresh ingredients sourced from local markets, ensuring a personalized touch in his creations.
  • Inked with Passion: On his arm, Gareth sports a tattoo featuring a cocktail shaker, a permanent reminder of his dedication to mixology.
  • Swift and Spectacular: With unrivaled expertise, Gareth can craft a meticulously balanced cocktail in less than 30 seconds, showcasing his proficiency and flair.

With Gareth Evans, every drink is a masterpiece crafted with precision, passion, and a touch of magic. His journey from lawyer to world-class bartender has been one of self-discovery and devotion to his craft. Gareth’s unwavering commitment to his art form and his constant pursuit of excellence continue to elevate the world of mixology to new and exciting heights.