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Write for The Definitive Drinking Guide: Cocktails, Spirits, and Mixology Mastery

We’re eager to amplify your unique voice and insights into the world of cocktails, spirits, and mixology. Before you embark on your writing journey, please acquaint yourself with our guidelines and standards. The Definitive Drinking Guide began accepting contributions in September 2023.

Propose a topic that aligns with our ethos and offers tangible value to our readership.

What We Seek

Avoid superficial articles: We won’t entertain submissions that are verbose, overly simplistic, or demand extensive editing. We appreciate content that’s brimming with actionable insights or valuable information.

  • Mixology and Cocktail Tips: Share innovative techniques, creative concoctions, and recommendations related to mixology. Your expertise and mastery of the subject should shine through your writing.
  • Focus Keyword Phrase: Pinpoint and incorporate the focus keyword phrase relevant to your article.
  • Originality: Ensure your content is fresh, not previously published elsewhere online, and isn’t a reiteration of existing content.

Article Formatting

Engaging our readers requires proper structure. Here’s how to format your submissions:

  • Title & Subtitles: Only capitalize the initial letter of titles and subtitles.
  • Bolded Sections: Bold new segments, including H2s, H3s, etc.
  • Subheadings & Lists: Utilize subheadings and bullet points to boost readability.

Editorial Standards

Our editorial squad has the discretion to modify and condense submissions to uphold the content quality on our platform. Here’s a snapshot of our editorial standards:

  • Editing: We might make significant changes to ensure precision, linguistic quality, and thoroughness.
  • Consultation: If major edits are necessary, we’ll let the author know.
  • Publication Timeline: Post revisions, your article will be queued for publication, ranging from 1 to 4 days.


Be sure to contact us first below.

  • Word Limit: Articles should span 600-1,000+ words. We emphasize substance over size.
  • External References: Incorporate a minimum of 3 external links for every 1,000 words.
  • Tone: Adopt a professional tone devoid of jargon, catering to a global audience and the niche.
  • Citations: Attribute any data or quotations from other sources, be it paraphrasing or direct citation.
  • Linguistic Quality: Ensure your submission is in excellent English and free from grammatical errors.

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